You have multiple financial options heading into this stage of life. Withdrawing from retirement and collecting Social Security are among them. We can help you make the right decisions to ensure your income now and in your later years.

Do you have questions about collecting Social Security? Are you familiar with Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)? How will you ensure that you don’t outlive your money?

Many of our clients at your age are concerned about:

  • Understanding True Retirement Expenses
  • Medicare & Insurance Options
  • Social Security: The Pros and Cons of Collecting (and When)
  • How to Make Long Term Care Insurance Work
  • Ensuring Income During Retirement

Your Focus Areas on The ROI Group Financial Pyramid

Understanding Critical Retirement Challenges - and Opportunities


ROI Vehicles for You

  • Savings & Cash Building

    Your income base will soon shift. Money will be coming not from your employer or business, but your retirement accounts and the government. How will this process work?

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  • Protection & Insurance

    For yourself and your loved ones, the time is now to revisit your current insurance policies and explore long term care insurance if you haven’t already.

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  • Brokerage Accounts

    Since your financial goals and considerations are changing, so might the focus of the assets in your brokerage accounts. What makes the most sense for you?

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  • Retirement

    There are many paths you can take and vehicles you can use when seeking to ensure income during retirement.

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  • Older Adult

    If you haven’t already started, it’s important to begin planning for your health expenses. Our Licensed Medicare personnel can help you navigate, understand, and enroll in Medicare.

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