Our leadership has substantial experience working with people who have built and sold companies. Whether you’re trying to start a business, sell or transfer your life's work, or grow your company to a tipping point of success, you can leverage our financial and business expertise en route to accomplishing your goals.

Collaborate with Bottom Line-Focused Business Pros Who Have Been in Your Shoes

What makes us different? We are business people first.

After years of success in the business world, we founded The ROI Group to fill a void in education for business owners and help them overcome their unique challenges to drive success.

Our clients focus on their core business, while we help them grow their bottom lines by enhancing their biggest asset – their workforce – and saving them money through tax mitigation, risk management, and other avenues.

No matter what stage your business is in, we are happy to share our business experiences – something that traditional business consultants typically charge for – every step of the way.

What Stage Best Describes

Your Business?


  • Risk-Free Business Financial Services

    Learn more about the specific business-focused financial services we provide related to: Executive Compensation, Employee Benefits, Risk Management, Business Operational Insight and Tax Mitigation
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  • Business-Focused Resources for You

    We are committed to filling the void in education related to financial planning for business owners and leadership. Browse our collection of resources intended to help you understand and learn about various financial topics that could impact your entity.
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  • FAQs

    Drawing on over 30 years of experience owning, operating, and advising businesses, we’ve developed a list of questions that owners of companies typically ask. Please contact us to speak with an expert if you have a specific question related to your business.
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