The nature of family-owned businesses creates unique benefits and challenges. We can help you navigate this type of business set-up so everyone wins.

Are you looking to hire your children and potentially give them a stake in your company? Do you have a son-in-law or daughter-in-law who is looking for work?

Many of our clients who own or run family-owned businesses concerned about:

  • Equity Amounts for Family Members
  • Setting Ground Rules
  • Separating Business Life and Family Life
  • Succession Planning

As you may have already found out, family-owned businesses are unlike traditional ones. Successes and failures can be twice as sweet or sour when family members are a part of the company.

For all family-owned businesses, there are difficult decisions to make, and communication from the beginning is crucial. Our business pros have helped advise and set up financial plans for family-owned entities with various types of make-ups.



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