We pride ourselves on offering a fresh approach to personal and business finances. What makes us different? You can tell from the first meeting.

We are not pushy sales people. We are educators, guiders, and strategists.

We start by listening, and then offer education and information to those who are interested. In the end, our goal is to help you select the best financial path for your situation – not what makes us the most money.

Because of both the make-up of our company and the make-up of our people, we are able to offer competitive financial services that are right for you and your family or your business. Here’s a glimpse into how.

Our Background: Business & Family People First, Not Traditional CFPs

Our founders and leaders were sons and daughters, mothers and fathers before becoming certified financial experts. They were also business owners first, with a history of running, growing, and advising successful businesses.

We know firsthand how exciting but challenging family lives and business lives are on a day-to-day basis. There are so many pieces to both of these puzzles.

The ROI Group focuses on giving smart, motivated people the tools and peace of mind they need to take care of themselves, their families, and their businesses. We have been in your shoes.

Our Approach: Education, Not Dictatorship

As family and business-oriented people, over the years we sought the consult of various types of financial advisers and consultants. While we had some positive outcomes, we always noticed a significant void in education and collaboration during the processes.

Like any specialized service, you can’t be an expert in personal and business finances without education and training. But we’ve found that by providing information to clients, with our help and expertise they can make sound financial decisions.

We do not dictate to people how they should handle their money. We offer a much more comfortable, pressure-free setting.

Our Business: Independent, Not Captive

The ROI Group is comprised of independent agents. This means that we have no pressure behind us to meet sales quotas like other “captive” financial agencies do. This is excellent news for you as our client, because we can provide advice and options that you actually need without worrying about meeting numbers or padding our paychecks.

Another benefit: Captive agencies also can only sell a limited number of insurance products and policies. If you have a policy with a captive agency and rates are too high or increase, or if you do not qualify for some reason, you are out of luck.

As independent agents, we work with hundreds of insurances companies which allows us to truly look out for the best interest of our clients. We can get attain the best rates possible and are able to “re-shop” policies if rates increase.

Our Offerings: Advisement, Not Commission-Driven Products

Because we are independent agents and are not commission-driven, our model is fee-based. We do not charge clients any fees for initial meetings or plan set-up. Once we work together to create a plan, clients are charged a low fee related to account holdings on a quarterly basis.

Why is this good for you? Because as part of our mission of education, we can present you with any and all financial options. We are not swayed by any outside companies or commissions. You are in charge of your plan, so you are in charge of and understand exactly what you are paying and to whom.

This model genuinely leaves us the opportunity to help you select only what you need based on your goals, and nothing that you don’t need.

Our Goal: Long, Multi-Generational Relationships, Not Quick Hits

Many of our clients are second-generation, meaning that we helped parents and are now helping their children. This is our ideal scenario.

It is unfortunate, but many financial planners and advisers – especially those driven by commissions – care only about making  numbers and selling people accordingly on products they don’t need. Having been on the wrong end of this scenario, we know that smart people will eventually understand that they’re being taken advantage of wrongly.

We are not interested in quick commission hits. Our goal is to provide substantial value, creating a win-win situation with each and every client as they move down their financial path.

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