Why did we start The ROI Group? Because as family-focused and business-oriented people, we saw a serious void in financial services education for individuals and businesses.

Rick Diamond and our entire team charted a mission to fill this void.

From our personal experiences and those of our families, friends, and business colleagues, we know that most people just want to find a way to save money, eliminate debt, live a comfortable life and leave money to their kids. And business owners want to make sure they’re doing everything possible to grow revenue, save money, and take care of their employees.

But unfortunately, we’ve dealt with and been pitched by financial services professionals who care more about their wallets than their clients’ wallets.

No Pressure, Pushy Sales Pitches or Obligations. See How Else We’re Different.

Our Approach: Collaboration & Education

Our experiences have shown us that people are smart. Just like deciding on the right diet or exercise program, armed with the right information people can make wise financial decisions as well.

The way we work with individuals and businesses is simple: We provide financial education, historical data, legal and tax implications, and all the possible options that could fit your personal scenario. Then, you make the decisions.

Here’s what to expect working with us:

You Talk, We Listen

What are your life goals? Do you own a business? Do you have children? What questions do you have? We look to build long-standing, transgenerational relationships. We’re not interested in the quick hit.

We Educate, You Research

Based on your personal and/or business goals, we give you all the options that could help you accomplish them. We encourage you to talk with your family, friends, and/or business partners, and do your own research. We have various resources you can browse as well to help you.

You Decide, We Advise & Implement

Based on your research, and armed with financial data and information, together we build your financial plan. You can leverage our 20+ years of experience, resources, and strategic partners, but ultimately you are the decision-maker.

We Report, You Adjust

Financial plans are not concrete, set-it-and-forget-it doctrines. They are fluid, amendable paths that can and should be updated based on your life stage. Together we will review what’s working, what’s not, and what’s changed, and together we can adjust the plan based on your needs and direction.

The ROI Factor

The acronym “ROI” is typically associated with the term “Return on Investment.” While our goal with some clients is to help them achieve a return on their securities, the “ROI” that defines our company is associated with the term “Reliable, Objective Information.”

With individuals and families, we understand that it takes a large time investment for people to think through their budget, their goals, and what matters most to them. Working towards a financial future – and developing a plan for one – takes thoughtful work, both on our part and on the part of the individuals and families we work with daily. Our goal is to perform on the behalf of our clients to ensure this time is not wasted.

With businesses and business owners, our goal is to provide education so that each company’s key asset – its people/workforce – is maximized. We aim to help business owners and key personnel find ways to grow revenue and save money – all while increasing the productivity and loyalty of your employees.

We invite you to browse our ROI Factor blog for information that can help you, your family, and/or your business.


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