There are various ways you can sell or transfer your business. No matter your reasons for exiting, we can help you determine the best strategy for your personal goals.

Are you selling your company? Transferring your business to a family member or engaged in an earn-out?

Many of our clients who are transferring or exiting their businesses are concerned about:

  • Keeping as Much Money as Possible After a Sale
  • Structuring Sound Contracts
  • Eliminating Risk
  • Understanding Tax Implications

Transferring or exiting your business can be an emotional event. Whether you’ve spent years building your entity or fast success sparked an early sale, there are a number of elements to consider.

Our experienced business leaders have been on both sides of business transfers and sales.



ROI Vehicles for You

  • Employee Benefits

    Depending on the nature of your deal, the future of your employees and their benefits are an important topic of discussion.

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  • Risk Management

    It’s critical to think about what risks are involved when transferring or exiting a business, including those factors that might affect your loved ones.

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  • Executive Compensation

    The structure and ownership model of your business has direct impact on how you and your executives will be compensated upon a business sale or transfer.

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  • Business Operational Insight

    Many of our clients rely on our expertise three to five years before transferring their business. While we can help with many aspects of transfers and exits including Buy/Sell Funding, creation of Buy/Sell agreements as well as business evaluations must be obtained from a qualified third party.

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  • Tax Mitigation

    There are various tax implications during a business transfer or exit that could have a direct impact on you and your family.

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