Now that you’ve proven your business model, you’ve entered a critical time of growth. We can help you navigate all aspects of business finance so you can drive revenue, save money, and get to the next level.

How can you get a leg up on your competition? Are you successfully attracting solid employees?

Many of our clients who own or run growth companies are concerned about:

  • Finding & Attracting the Right Talent
  • Eliminating Distractions & Focusing on Core Responsibilities
  • Developing Competitive Employee Benefits & Compensation Plans
  • Growing at the Right Pace & Not Too Fast
  • Dealing with Investors & Seed Funds

Growth companies trying to reach their tipping points have unique challenges. They’ve seen enough success to have secured investment or at least have generated enough revenue to put back into the business.

In either case, finding and keeping the right employees, avoiding risk and operational pitfalls, and developing the right tax plan can make the difference between a long-term business run or a short-term failure.

Whether your goal is to work for yourself for your entire career or build a company to sell, you can work with our experienced business leaders to make the right growth-focused decisions.



ROI Vehicles for You

  • Employee Benefits

    One of the most critical aspects of growing a business revolves around talent – finding and keeping hard-working, loyal employees directly impacts the success of a business and its owners.

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  • Risk Management

    Leaders of growth companies have typically accumulated substantial assets, and it’s important that they have a plan in place for their loved ones in case of a catastrophic event.

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  • Executive Compensation

    Our experience tells us that growth and success forces conversations about compensation – both among leadership and early employees.

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  • Business Operational Insight

    You’ve reached a critical stage for your business, and our team can provide operational expertise that business consultants typically charge for – all at no extra charge.

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  • Tax Mitigation

    Understanding that making the right decisions related to taxes can directly impact the success of your growing business.

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