If you’ve ever sat down with a financial planning adviser, life insurance salesman, or business consultant, you’ll know where we’re coming from – and why we launched The ROI Group for individuals, families, and businesses.

While we personally know and have worked with many honest, hard-working, talented professionals in each of these business categories, we’ve unfortunately seen and been pitched by many more who are just out to pay their own pockets and don’t really care about the success of their client. That’s how they choose to do business. We’ve chosen a different path, one of guidance, education, and strategy.

It’s important to know that we were not financial planners from birth, nor even from the beginning of our careers. We were family-oriented business people, first. We’ve raised kids and put them through college, seen our parents grow old, and watched the next generation of our families blossom. We’re also business people who have built and sold successful companies, made mistakes in business, and learned a lot about what makes people and their businesses thrive daily.

We founded The ROI Group to fill a void in education for people and their families, as well as business owners and their key employees. We left large, commission-driven firms so that we could help people do what they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals. And we have been successful with our clients by taking a collaborative approached comprised of three key beliefs.

Your Heart is in the Right Place! You Just Need Guidance.

People we meet and work with generally just want to do right by themselves, their families, and their businesses, if they own one. They want to make and save money. They want to live comfortably and not want, take fun vacations, and leave money to their children. You probably feel the same way. This all comes from having a financial plan in place.

The problem is that just like fixing a car or executing a 10-hour brain surgery, you probably don’t have the training or expertise to develop a sound plan for you and your family. And just like your fellow business owners may specialize in selling sporting goods or providing real estate services, your business expertise is not anchored in employee benefits, tax mitigation, and buying/selling of companies.

And when you seek out help for creating a sound financial plan, or finding ways to make and save money as a business owner, you don’t want to be pitched by a guy doing his best used car salesman impression trying to shove whole life insurance down your throat.

We started The ROI Group to provide guidance to people trying to help themselves, their families, and their businesses.

You Are Smart! You Just Need Education.

The high majority of people we meet with are very bright. They aren’t experts in financial services, stocks, bonds, insurances, etc., because they were never trained in these areas, but with some coaching and teaching they pick up the concepts very quickly.

You’re smart. You’re motivated. If you know all the options and possibilities, we’re confident you can make the right financial decisions to accomplish your goals.

We started The ROI Group to provide education for both individuals and families as well as business owners and their key employees so that they can be successful.

You Can Understand Finances! You Just Need Strategy.

We’ve found that once people understand their options, they can help themselves. For individuals and families, it doesn’t take long for them to understand things like the different types of life insurance, options for college savings, and impacts of taking out social security benefits earlier rather than later.

For business owners, things like picking up on ways to save on taxes and understanding what processes are causing them to lose money come easy once pointed out.

Once you become educated, you can connect the dots between your goals and how to reach them. Our job, in addition to educating you, is to collaborate with you and provide our expertise and advisement from years of working with different types of situations and people.

We founded The ROI Group to help people develop a financial strategy that works best for their situation.

About Our Blog, “The ROI Factor”

This blog is intended to be educational in nature.

We will provide experiences, real-life stories, articles, infographics, videos, tips, and tricks for both individuals and families, and business owners. These are all intended to help you, your family, and your colleagues make sound financial decisions.

We invite you to learn more about us and the ROI factors we provide, and hope that you will check back to the blog soon.


NOTE: These are the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of Cambridge; they are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed or acted upon as individualized investment advice.

Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond is a family-focused, business-driven financial services veteran. He works tirelessly to educate clients on complex financial options for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Rick founded The ROI Group to fill a void in financial education, and believes that with the right tools, people can make sound financial decisions. Pressure not included.

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