Our financial experts work with individuals and families of all ages. Whether you or your parents are trying to navigate Medicare, develop or execute estate plans, or get answers to specific questions, we can offer you guidance, education, and peace of mind.

Our “Older Adult” services typically benefit people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. However, we also work with the adult children of people in these phases of life who are helping their parents make sound financial decisions.

Health care planning is usually at the top of the list of concerns for people entering the later years of life. We can help individuals and their families select the best health plans before they enroll in Medicare, and then help them navigate the “Medicare Maze” so that they have the right coverage.

We can also assist in making decisions around long term care, hospice care, and other types of medical care that impact financial plans.

Other older adult services deal some uncomfortable yet necessary decisions. These might include funeral expenses and burial, for instance.

Important: Be sure to download our Medicare Checklist to help you understand what should be done in the months leading up to you turning 65 to ensure a smooth enrollment in Medicare. Please contact us if you have specific questions about service related to yourself or your parents.

Also, learn how The ROI Group might be able to help you with other financial situations, including Savings and Wealth Building, Brokerage Accounts, College Planning, Retirement Planning, and Insurance.

Medicare Education and Health Care Planning

Our team, including a Licensed Medicare Specialist, is well versed in the nuances, details, and common pitfalls of Medicare.

We work to help both Medicare beneficiaries and adult children of potential Medicare beneficiaries navigate what we call the “Medicare Maze”.

Before and just after a person turns 65, they are inundated with piles of paperwork related to Medicare.

Not only do we help clients make sense of all the chaos, a dedicated “Medicare Coach” helps them understand their options and make the best selections to insure coverage they need.

Best of all, you will never have to pay The ROI Group a fee for products, services, or consultations.

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)

Medigap is offered by private companies to help cover for individuals the additional costs associated with “Original Medicare”, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Due to the fact that Medigap has no networks, you have the flexibility to see any doctor and use any hospital in the country that accepts Medicare.

There are various types of Medigap plans, and various stipulations. For instance, you must have “Original Medicare”, which includes Medicare Part A coverage (hospital services) and Medicare Part B coverage (doctor services). You cannot have a Medicare Advantage Plan in addition to Medigap.

Understanding when and why you might need Medigap is part of our service offering.

Medicare Advantage

These plans are offered by private insurers that contract with Medicare to offer Medicare Part A coverage (hospital services) and Medicare Part B coverage (doctor services). These plans typically offer coverage for prescription drugs, as well.

There are various types of Medicare Advantage plans, including those through HMOs, PPOs, fee-for-service plans, and savings accounts.

Prescription Drug Plans

As a Medicare enrollee, your prescription drugs might be covered through Medicare Part D. Some of these drug costs might also be covered through a Medicare Advantage plan.

There are various tiers of drugs and associated costs. Depending on the types of medications you might need, your costs and availability might vary. We can help you understand where you might fit into the system based on your health situation and needs.

Learn more about Medicare prescription drug plans at Medicare.gov.

Dental/Hearing/Vision Plans

Unfortunately, Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare) only offer coverage for medically necessary care. Dental, hearing, and vision benefits are not offered.

However, some Medicare Advantage plans can offer one or more of these types of services. If you have Medigap, or decide to go down the Medigap route, these services can easily and affordably be added to any plan.

We can help you navigate these benefits if you need them.

Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke Protection

Depending on family history, lifestyle, and various other factors, some people opt to purchase insurance against cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

We have dealt with these types of policies in the past. They are not for everyone, but we can work with you to understand if this type of protection is viable and necessary for you.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

This type of insurance – also known as “hospitalization insurance” or “hospital insurance” – pays benefits to a policyholder who is confined to a hospital for an extended period of time.

Whether planned or unplanned, hospital stays can become extremely expensive and taxing on your health plan. Typically, hospital indemnity plans help cover deductibles, pharmacy prescriptions, and other non-covered expenses you might have from a long inpatient stay.

Specifics of these plans offered through insurance companies vary, but many offer payouts across a day, week, or month.

Short Term Recovery Plans

This type of insurance plan helps beneficiaries pay for care inside their home after being discharged from a hospital.

Depending on the type of surgery, procedure, or reason for your hospital stay, you might need in-home care for a period of time. These costs, as all health care costs do, can add up.

Having a short term recovery plan can ensure a cash payout to help pay for costs owed to in-home health care agencies, providers, and companies in the event that you need them.

Home Health Care Plans

Home health insurance plans vary, but cover a portion of in-home health care one might need. Through Original Medicare (Parts A and B), some home health services such as physical therapy, intermittent skilled nursing care, and speech-language services are covered.

Outside of what Original Medicare covers, there are plans available that can help pay for additional services such as 24-hour care, meals, and more, should one need them.

Final Expense/Burial Protection

Final expense insurance, also known as burial insurance, is designed to cover costs that your family will incur upon your death. These might include medical bills and funeral expenses.

In some cases, your family might opt to use other funds from your estate to pay for your funeral. For example if you have whole life insurance, money paid out from this policy might cover your funeral and burial expenses.

Not everyone needs final expense and burial protection. Our financial team can help you understand if this type of policy is needed in your situation.


Note: Fixed insurance products are offered through The ROI Group, LLC.

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