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Below is a list of articles we shared on social media and with our clients and friends in January and February.  We hope you find them useful!

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Tax Planning

Reviews: The Best Tax Preparation Software Available
Have you considered doing your own taxes? View this review of software that can help. View Full Article

2017 Tax Bracket Overview
Do you know your Tax Bracket? Here’s an overview to help you understand and plan. View Full Article

Tax Planning for the Next 4 Years
An outlook towards potential tax changes and strategies under President Trump. View Full Article

ROI Group News

New Resource: “Navigating the Medicare Maze” Checklist
Are you, or is someone you know, getting close to the age of 65? When it comes to Medicare, there is no shortage of paperwork or headaches. Download this free resource to help: A checklist of things you should be doing BEFORE getting to Medicare enrollment. Download Resource

Updated Services Line: Older Adult
From health care and Medicare planning to final expense options, our team of experts can help individuals in their later years as well as their families. View Services

College Planning

New York State Governor Proposes Free Tuition at State Colleges
Can it really be true? View Full Article

Weighing Whether to Work While in College
To work, or not to work? Extra money is nice, but at what cost? Questions for parents of college students, and the students themselves. View Full Article

Preparing Early
We believe that while saving for college can’t start early enough, parents should really have a plan for maying tuition in place as early as their future college attendee is in 9th grade. Similarly, setting goals and plans for college admission should also start early. View Full Article

Debt Management

Financial Calculator: Increasing Mortgage Payments
How much could you save by increasing your mortgage payment? Here’s a calculator to help you look at some numbers. View Calculator

Time is Not on Your Side When it Comes to Credit Card Debt
Some tips about paying off credit cards – either from the holidays, or throughout the year. View Full Article

For Business Owners

Inexpensive Retirement Plans for Small-Business Owners
Do you own a business? Here is a brief overview of some retirement plans you could put together. View Full Article

Are you Reinvesting? 
Are you a business owner who is planning on reinvesting substantial dollars back into your company? If so, you are not alone. Here’s why. View Full Article

Whacky Things Small Businesses Try to Deduct
What do a shotgun, lingerie, and a petting zoo all have in common? They were all things small business owners have tried to deduct on their taxes! View Full Article

Planning/Personal Finance

IRS Tax Credit Can Help with Child-Care Costs
Did you know that you could qualify for a tax credit to help with child-care costs? Here is an overview of how it can work for you. View Full Article

The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees
Have you heard about the new potential fiduciary rule changes? Here’s an overview of how it could affect you – great questions to ask your financial advisor (or us!) View Full Article

Financial Calculator: Renting vs. Buying a Home
Should you rent or buy? This is not only a question for young adults coming out of college or starting a family. We have talked with many older adults who are deciding how they want to spend their time. Here is a financial calculator to help with the numbers part of the decision. View Calculator

Employee Benefits

5 Top Benefits Trends to Watch in the Workplace This Year
Does your employer provide these benefits? If you are a business owner, have you considered these trends in healthcare and commuting? View Full Article

Top 20 Employee Benefits and Perks
Some whacky and some awesome perks companies are providing to employees, from paid paternal leave to pet insurance. View Full Article

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