We have partnered with a trusted third party to provide estimated Medigap plan costs. You can use this tool to obtain some potential pricing for this type of coverage - and as you'll see, even in healthcare, it pays to shop and compare.

Medigap Background

Medigap plans offer additional private insurance to Medicare beneficiaries to help them pay for healthcare expenses that are not included in Medicare Parts A & B, such as copayments, co-insurance, and deductibles. Medigap is optional coverage, it is not required.

If you are on Medicare and visit a doctor or hospital, or have any healthcare procedure done, your Medicare plan will pay for all services that it covers first – then your Medigap plan would pay the other costs.

You can choose from 10 Medigap plans, all with different benefits. Download our Medigap Supplement Insurance Plan Overview Chart to help you get started.

Why You Should Compare Medigap Plan Prices

Unlike a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), you have the freedom to shop all year for a Medigap policy. These policies are offered by private insurance companies, and the costs vary.

Insurance companies can only offer “standardized” Medigap policies. They must follow federal and state laws that are there to protect you. These standardized Medigap policies must provide the same benefits, however each insurance company sets its own premiums. There can be a substantial difference in cost for exactly the same coverage.

For example:

Here is a quote comparison (same plan,same rating but from different companies) for a  65 year-old female that does not use tobacco:

Monthly premium for Medigap Plan G with Company XYZ is $130.86

Monthly premium for Medigap Plan G with Company QRS is $213.05

That is a $82.19 difference/month or a $986.28/year! Shopping and comparing, even in healthcare, is important.

How the Price Comparison Tool Works

Complete the brief form below and click “Run Comparison”.

You will then be shown monthly pricing for Medigap plans from various companies. (Note: The companies themselves are not listed – you can learn more about them as you continue through the process.) You will be able to sort by different plans, view customer satisfaction ratings, and more.

When you find a plan you feel comfortable with, you’ll be asked to enter some contact information. One of our Licensed Medicare Specialists will get back to you immediately to discuss next steps.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems using the tool!

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