Have you started the college planning and funding process?

Campus visits should be high on the priority list for anyone with children in high school, starting their freshman year.  Visiting a college not only helps you get a sense of what life is like at that college, it also allows you to build important relationships between your family and the school’s admissions and financial aid officers.  Your student will get a feel for college life and the academic programs available, while you take that important first step toward navigating the often-stressful college planning and funding process.

When planning your campus visits, make sure to allow time to explore each college. Get to know the campus and, more importantly, get to know the people.  While you’re there, talk to as many people as possible. These can include college admission staff, professors and students. Keep in mind that some activities, such as meeting with an admission officer or staying overnight in a dorm, might need to be set up in advance.

There are several critical and time-sensitive steps that will help families with the overwhelming task of preparing and paying for college.  Set up an appointment today, with one of our Certified College Advisors (CCA), to discuss your funding eligibility and the options you have to increase it.

Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond is a family-focused, business-driven financial services veteran. He works tirelessly to educate clients on complex financial options for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Rick founded The ROI Group to fill a void in financial education, and believes that with the right tools, people can make sound financial decisions. Pressure not included.

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